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Sure, it's possible to run a successful online business with a lousy domain name, but your business will always do better with a good domain name. The internet is like a city centre shopping area - you can either have a high-street address or a side street address. A clumsy domain name makes a business look less credible and less memorable.

A domain name is not just something that you type in on a computer keyboard - it is your brand, written on your letterheads, business cards, advertisements, maybe also on your company vehicles, carrier bags, promotional give-aways etc. Your domain name also forms part of your email address. Furthermore the most exciting technological development now means that your domain name can also serve as your phone number for the very simple reason that it is much easier and more intuitive to remember a domain name than a telephone number.

Not only typed, or written, an extremely long or complicated domain name makes it harder for people to type and to share through word of mouth. They also fit much more easily into a 140-character tweet.

A short domain name on the other hand aids for a memorable identity providing a powerful tool for marketing and brand building. Examples of created brand names which fit into this category: eBay, uBid, xBox, iPod, Digg, Hulu, Bebo,Tivo,Bing.

The fact that they are short makes them easy to remember.  The longer the domain name the more prone to typing errors.  This is even more true if your full company name is complicated to spell.

The main reasons that 4 letter domain names are so desirable is that they appear more prestigious, are easy to remember, are great for branding,are less prone to spelling errors as is the case with much longer domains (especially true if the full company name is complicated to spell) and requiring less keystrokes (important on mobile handheld devices with small buttons) and of course great for offline marketing. Mobile devices are becoming ever more popular and more and more people are surfing the web on their mobile phones than from conventional PCs.

AUNT.BE is registered with Godaddy. After purchase a free push to buyer's Godaddy account only, takes place within 48 hours. An account is free and takes minutes to create. We will create a Godaddy account and push domain for you for $0. We can also send you the authorization code for this domain and you can perform a transfer to the registrar of your choice. This sale is domain only with no website or web hosting.

BIN or Make Offer available. Please use this CONTACT FORM to submit offers or express interest. Thank you and keep the faith!

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